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“A modern When Harry Met Sally...with witty banter being thrown around like an episode of The OfficeCloudy With a Chance of Sunshine is all the things you love about romantic's pitch perfect."


-UK Film Review

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"A perfectly cast movie...a great can't help but to get caught up in this quirky film."



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 "A fun and joyful movie about family...and relationships...Ben (Kevin Resnick) and Sunshine (Sarah Navratil) make for one of the most unusual and adhering on-screen couples in quite awhile."



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"Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine is a joyful celebration of the human condition. It has a powerful and positive message about love and hope, and features terrific characters and situations that are impossible to resist. It is funny, sweet and sincere and it is a delightfully high spirited romantic comedy."


-Rogue Cinema

"There’s a tremendously good spirit that radiates throughout co-writer/director Kevin Resnick’s slightly quirky rom-com Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine, an unusually sunny piece of cinema…a script from Resnick and Rebecca Norris that finds truth in its absurdity and heart within its hilarity, a unique combination of ingredients that is often strived for yet seldom ever achieved. It is achieved in abundance here. 


[Cloudy] is the kind of film that leaves you smiling as you watch the closing credits roll, a beautifully designed and acted film that looks good and feels good…a perfect film to watch on that next rainy day when you’re stuck inside and wanting something to lift your spirits."


–Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

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