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About the Film

Meet Ben (Kevin Resnick).  A former novelist who now suffers in creative purgatory writing instructions for egg-timers, blenders, and other mundane everyday products. At home, Ben juggles being a single father raising his precocious 7-year old daughter, Lilly, who, on any given day, peppers him with female-related questions Ben has no clue how to answer. To top it all off, Ben’s cantankerous father has moved in and brings home an array of floozies half his age to dine with the family. 
Enter Sunshine (Sarah Navratil - Stargate Origins, Pretty Little Liars, Counterpoint). She’s a beautiful free-spirited artist and yoga teacher, who, along with the eclectic characters who frequent her live/work studio, begin to bring a color and life into Ben’s world, encouraging him to pursue his long-forgotten dreams. Suddenly, Ben finds his newfound happiness in jeopardy when he has trouble moving on from heartache in the past. Will he stay stuck or get over his fear and finally invite love into his life?


Best Feature Film - Student - Manhattan Film Festival

Best Quality Entertainment - Student - Grand Rapids Film Festival


Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress - Love International Film Festival 


Directed by: Kevin Resnick

Written by: Kevin Resnick & Rebecca Norris Resnick

Story by: Kevin Resnick

Produced by: Kevin Resnick & Rebecca Norris Resnick


Production companies: Brand New Day Entertainment, Freebird Entertainment

Distributors: Indie Rights (streaming), House Lights Media (DVD)

Running Time: 94 minutes

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