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This quirky, heartfelt romantic comedy follows Ben (Kevin Resnick), a stressed-out single father raising a precocious 7-year-old daughter, who peppers him with female-related questions he has no clue how to answer. He’s also forced to deal with his cantankerous live-in father who brings home floozies to dine with the family, and a maniacal boss who records his punctuality with a stopwatch.


Ben has his life turned upside down when Sunshine (Sarah Navratil, Pretty Little Liars, Counterpart), a new-age yogi, mysteriously shows up in his kitchen. She breathes new life into Ben’s world, encouraging him to pursue his long-forgotten dreams. Suddenly, Ben finds his newfound happiness in jeopardy when he is forced to confront his past in a way he never imagined. This award-winning film explores the awkward and hilarious situations we all encounter in the search for love, and the courage it takes to live our dreams.